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Photo Gallery

Star Lake represents a perfect balance between incredible natural beauty and recreational fun and enjoyment.

Take a pictorial tour and see for yourself why we love our lake year-round!  Click the image to enlarge the picture; use the back button to return here, to the photo gallery thumbnails.  All photos were taken and are owned by Bo Ritchings, unless otherwise noted.  All rights reserved.  Enjoy the tour!  For more seasonal pictures of Star Lake, see 'Tis the Season in the Members' Area (a username/password is required).

Sunrise off Swiss Point

Photo taken circa 1978 by Robin Ferber, former teacher at Clifton-Fine

Blue Heron looking for fish

Loons in Third Lake

A full moon...

lights up the lake on a summer night

Lawrence Bay

with Maple Mt. in the background

Black ducks abound on Star Lake

A beautiful early-evening full moon

on third lake--a front-yard view looking east from Swiss Point

"Oswald" waits at the "bread & breakfast"

Mama & family line up for a feeding

Canoeist enjoying the calm on Third Lake

Painting by Mimi Keith of Stone Cut Bridge

A typical afternoon on the sandbar

The sandbar is a popular meeting place

Who says "there aren't any fish in this lake?!"

Caught and released by Pat Burns 7/05

Another sunny afternoon on the Sandbar

'Nothing like a slow cruise around Germania Park

Rovie & Karen take a tour in the cadillac!

Full summer moon taken just after sunset

Swiss Point in the fall

Please, a little self-indulgence...

Full moon at dusk

Houghton College students

sample lake water through the ice

College students prove good neighbors...

as they continue Star Lake water testing throughout the year as part of their course work at Houghton College campus

Yet another glorious rainbow

This proves there must be a "pot of gold" under Star Lake

Camp Hiawatha patiently waits...

for the Huiatts' return for another great summer on the island

"boating in the winter" on Star Lake

Snowmobiles are a common sight on the lake most of the winter months

Silvery chill of a January afternoon

You can almost feel the crisp, icy chill of the day

Winter residents enjoy the lake year-round...

well after the "snow birds" head south for warmer climates

Trout caught "through the ice"

Star Lake is one of few where ice fishing is permitted. "Nice fish, Wayne!"

Full moon on a cold winter's night

High pressure and cold temperatures are the norm on or about the full moon

Lawrence Bay with Maple Mountain in the background

Hiawatha Island with Scotts Point in the background

Full Moon

silhouettes the tall pines on the Scott-Brace Estate

More winter fun...

Snow mobiles, ice fishing and four-wheelers on a great sunny day in early spring

Loons are a familiar sight on the Lake

Who catches more fish than fishermen?

Loons swim and feed off Swiss Point. Star Lake seems to be one of the most popular "restaurants" in the area for loons.

A beautiful view in early evening

The ultimate "tubing" experience!

Now that's the way to travel on this lake!

Rainbow over Shelton's camp

Is there a pot o' gold there Feets?

Moon from third lake looking east

Satellite image of Star Lake

Screen shop from Terra Server image prior to Microburst

First lake taken from the old Inn property

Picture was on the cover of the first Star Lake Handbook, photographer John Sayles II

Yet another unreal rainbow

This was taken right after an intense usmmer thunderstorm

Winter tundra-like landscape

How cold does this feel? It was about 5 above zero!

Billy Bass bit the big hook...

picture taken by Steve Golden

Star Lake creates great impression!

Visitor Dan Gotham loving life on the lake

Sunset off Scott's Point from Golden's camp

picture taken by Chris Cook

Ice fishing is a popular winter sport

John Brooker caught an nice rainbow trout through the ice

Ice-out 2008 4/14/08

Ice has started to recede from the shoreline. It is starting to darken, a positive sign. The raft is floating!

Ice-out 2008 4/15/08

More and more water around the shore; sunny in the 50's.

Ice-out 2008 4/16/08

Finally, a nice spring day--sunny in the 70's with a warm breeze and you can see the honeycombed ice melt! It won't be long now.

Ice-out 2008 4/17/08

Last in the series, ice is clearly gone in third lake with only small amounts remaining deep in the bays and on the western shores. Rafting season has begun.

4/17/08 2 pm Ice receding nicely.

Time to put the motor on the raft! Marty, Brenda and Bo decided to take the first cruise around the lake

4/17/08 Ice out

Looking west toward the cut, pushing through the honeycombed ice was pretty easy

4/17/08 Ice out

Looking west toward Swiss Point--clearly open water and a beautiful day

4/17/08 Ice out

Winding our way through the ice channels; Feets' camp is still socked in!

4/17/08 Ice out

Clear through the cut, Hiawatha Island dead ahead

4/17/08 Ice out

Looking toward south bay--still some ice in the bays and snow on the shore

4/17/08 Ice out

Another day or two for post office bay!

4/17/08 Ice out

Houghton Campus still on ice...

4/17/08 Ice out

Kilbourne's bay still in the ice--sorry Tess...

4/17/08 Ice out

The loons are back! First sighting on Ice Out Day.

4/17/08 Ice out

A 2008 record! Steve Hawley took the first dive into the lake--he didn't stay in very long, however

4/17/08 Ice out

A most beautiful sight. Late afternoon sun, a 95% full moon and OPEN WATER again, officially marking the beginning of the 2008 season.

Late fall...

Yellow tamaracks mark the end of fall as two loons get ready to leave the lake.

Mid October Snow...

Adirondack chairs face a rude awakening as an early snow storm drops over 2 feet of snow in mid October, 2008, marking the incoming season.

Early winter scene

Late October begins the winter season as ice begins to form around the shoreline.


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