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(adopted 8/21/89, revised August 24, 1996 and amended 8/28/99)



The name of the organization is STAR LAKE PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATION.


The purpose of the Association is to promote the protection and improvement of Star Lake and the surrounding property and environment.


The Association has two classes of members: regular members and associate members. Both classes of members are required to pay annual dues at different rates as provided in Article VI.

Persons owning property adjacent to, or with right of way to Star Lake are eligible for regular membership. Regular membership is limited to one membership per nominal deed owner regardless of the number of deeds owned. Nominal deed owners may designate another member of the family to represent them at meetings. This designation must be on record with the Association's Secretary before such representation shall take effect or be recognized by the Association. Regular members are entitled to one vote per membership. Regular members' dues must be paid to be eligible to vote.

Persons not eligible for regular membership, but who live in or frequently visit the Star Lake area, are eligible for Associate membership if they share an interest in the Association's purpose as stated in Article II. Associate members are not entitled to vote.


The Association's officers comprise the President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer as elected under Article VII. No person may hold more than one office at the same time. Officers may be elected to consecutive terms. The officers and the most recent past president who does not currently hold an office, constitute the Executive Committee. Only regular members may hold office.


The meetings of the Association will be run in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. The President will appoint a Parliamentarian to guide in use of the Rules. The SLPA will procure a copy of Robert's Rules of Order.

The President, or Vice-President in the absence or incapacity of the President, presides at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee, appoints the Nominating Committee, and calls meetings of the Executive Committee.

The Secretary maintains the minutes of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee; posts notices of Association meetings at least ten days in advance; conducts the correspondence of the Association; and holds the deeds to lots 72, 73, and 74 (Town of Fine) which lots shall not be sold as long as the Association exists.

The Treasurer collects all dues and maintains records of membership status; holds all funds and pays the Association's bills, including real estate taxes on the above-mentioned lots; maintains proper records of all financial transactions; presents a detailed Treasurer's report, including tax returns.

The Executive Committee establishes the meeting dates according to Article VII, and plans and monitors all activities of the Association.


Annual dues for regular and associate members, which may be set at different rates, are determined by a vote of the membership at the Annual Meeting according to Article VII for the following fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). Contributions to the Treasury beyond the payment of dues are welcome at any time. Contributions for specific projects may be solicited as the need is determined by the Executive Committee.


As authorized under Article V, the Executive Committee calls a minimum of two meetings of the Association per year: a Regular Meeting to be held early in the summer and an Annual Meeting to be held in August.

The business of the Regular Meeting includes plans for summer activities and projects; announcement of the President's Nominating Committee appointments; and submission of any amendment to the by-laws.

The business of the Annual Meeting includes voting on any by-laws amendment submitted at the Regular Meeting; report of the Nominating Committee and election of officers to serve until the next Annual Meeting; and determination of dues for each class of membership according to Article VI.

Voting may be accomplished by whatever means decided upon by a majority of those attending a meeting. Absentee ballots and proxy ballots may be used as well as traditional voting procedures. The intent is to insure that all members will have proper representation on important, consequential issues brought before the Association. In the event of an emergency situation where time is of the essence, the Executive Committee may make a decision to use absentee or proxy ballots if the situation warrants a polling of the regular membership.

In case of a tie vote, the President may cast the deciding vote or call for a second, immediate vote.

Other meetings are called by the Executive Committee for social, planning, or action purposes as deemed necessary or desirable.


At any meeting of the Association requiring a vote, a quorum consists of ten regular paid members as certified by the Treasurer.


The Association's by-laws may be amended by submitting proposed amendments at any meeting according to Article VII. These amendments will be decided at the next meeting, or by absentee ballot (according to Article VII). The ratification vote shall take place not less than two weeks from the proposal of the amendment. Amendments will become effective immediately upon receiving a two-thirds vote of ratification.


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