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The Star Lake Protective Association

The Star Lake Protective Association (SLPA) was founded in 1901. Its purpose is “to promote the protection and improvement of  Star Lake and the surrounding property and environment.”

According to early Association minutes, which indeed go back to 1901, the founders were concerned, that without the active participation and contribution of owners and users, the lake might “lose its character through neglect.”  Because of their foresight, the Association owns the land (lot #156 on the map) at the lake outlet to assure that the outlet will remain open and undeveloped.  In earlier years, several social activities were scheduled during the summer.  Recently, events have included two meetings per summer, an annual poker run, lake cleanups, and the Labor Day regatta. 

A recurring theme, found throughout the minutes, is a concern for lake quality, safety, and security.  Since the Association has no legal standing, nor the desire to establish and enforce “rules”, it relies on communication and good example of its membership to achieve its purpose.

Regular membership is open to persons owning property adjacent to, or with rights of way to, Star Lake.  Associate membership is available for others who share an interest in the Association’s purpose.  Two meetings are held each summer:  one in early July and one near Labor Day.  Officers are elected annually for one year, but usually serve for several terms.  Minutes and other communications are available to members on the Association’s web site (  The annual spring mailing serves as a membership drive and is sent to all lake property owners.

Membership dues, currently $20.00 per year, are used to pay property taxes on the SLPA lot.  Other uses of dues include funding the web site and making contributions to local groups such as FUND, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and the Clifton-Fine Economic Development Corporation.  Lake projects include printing this booklet and the purchase and placement of shallow water markers on the lake.  We encourage all who share the lake and the purpose of the Association to become a member not only to provide financial support; but also to actively participate in the enjoyment and protection of Star Lake, one of nature’s most spectacular gifts to us.

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