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What Does Star Lake Mean to You?

Below is a compilation of some members’ fondest moments on Star Lake.  The Lake community is widely diversified; Star Lake means many things to many people.  We enjoy it in different ways—sometimes together and sometimes alone.  Where conflicts of use arise, we need to understand and respect each other so that everyone in our lake community can continue to enjoy these wonder-filled memories of the lake for years to come.

When you think of Star Lake, you might think of…

  • Flights of Canada geese heralding the spring; and then, all too soon, the end of summer;

  • Anticipation of the season’s first trip to the lake, and then, the sadness of leaving;

  • The call of the loon late at night, or seeing the osprey lifting off the lake with a trout in its talons;

  • Memories of the first time you could take the canoe out alone after passing your swim test;

  • The first time you made it “up” on water skis, and soon, the thrill of jumping the wake; water skiing tandem, and the thrill of swinging ‘way out’ on the inner tube;

  • Beautiful views of the lake, different with each new day and season; indescribable sunrises and sunsets glimmering on the water;

  • Stars on a cool, clear night or the harvest moon rising above the eastern horizon;

  • Fish caught and the fish that got away;

  • Hikes taken around the lake, nearby mountains climbed and rare sights seen by only a few fortunate people;

  • The joy and laughter of children swimming, playing on the beach or feeding the ducks;

  • Fireworks on the 4th of July, parties on the sand bar, picnics on the raft, bonfires by the shore, and visiting with good friends and neighbors;

  • The morning swim, or the early morning row on a quiet lake when the only sound is the rhythmic groan of the tholepins;

  • The wind in your face and the quiet rush of water past the hull as you reach across the wind with sails full, and the Labor Day Regatta;

  • Nature’s fiery brilliance of autumn leaves reflecting on the glassy lake under a clear, blue sky;

  • The quiet solitude of the lake as it progresses through fall, preparing for another winter;

  • The big snow of _____ (fill in the year) or the winter that wasn’t (2001-02);

  • Ice fishing on a crisp winter day, or cross-country skiing to Streeter Lake, or snowmobile trips to Stillwater;

  • The white blanket of snow held on out-stretched white pine branches, or draped around the hemlock, and a warm and cozy fire;

  • And, too, a place of constancy in our transient world; “home” to come to throughout the years.


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