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The first Star Lake Handbook was created and printed in 1995.  John Sayles did most of the research and writing while Roy Djuvik created the map and lot data to identify who lived where.  Peter Kress aided in the printing and the Handbook was distributed to Star Lake Protective Association members and others who expressed an interest.  An increasing number of requests for a revised Handbook finally led to the second edition in 2004. 

Roy, Peter and John spent countless hours originating and publishing the first Handbook and it is out of respect for their efforts that I have made my contributions.  Much of the original text remains while other sections were edited and updated in the second edition.  The map was improved and the lake owner directories were updated to reflect new owners.  Color photos and charts were added and the fish stocking program was brought up-to-date.  The fish spotter’s guide was completely revamped with color photos and descriptions of more fish found in Star Lake.  Existing sections were expanded and a new section seeking harmony within the lake community was added.  Desktop publishing software provided a professional look while condensing more information into a smaller package.  In 2009, we ran out of copies of the Handbook and reprinting became necessary.  Much of the information was outdated.  A new cover was designed.  Owner data and the fish stocking program were updated.  Other minor edits and revisions were made to bring us to this 2009 edition. 

I, too, have spent countless hours on this project over the past five or six years; but it was a labor of love devoted to the most wonderful lake in the world!  I hope you enjoy the 2009 Star Lake Handbook in its revised but hopefully not final edition.  —Bo Ritchings       



   The Star Lake Protective Association


   A Short History of Star Lake


   Let’s Protect the Lake


   Boating on Star Lake


   List of Star Lake Property Owners by Name


   Star Lake Map


   List of Star Lake Property Owners by Map Number


   What Does Star Lake Mean to You?


   Let’s Help to Keep the Peace


   Fishing on Star Lake


   Fish Spotter’s Guide


   Photo Montage (back cover) 20

Credits and Acknowledgements

  • Original text from the 1995 Handbook was written by John Sayles and Roy Djuvik;

  • Updated, edited, and supplemented revisions by Bo Ritchings 2004, 2005, 2009;

  • Desktop published by Bo Ritchings using Microsoft Publisher 2003 and Adobe Acrobat;

  • Printed 2004 and 2005 by Dean Newtown, former Star Lake resident;

  • Printed 2004, 2005, and 2009 with financial support of the Star Lake Protective Association; 

  • Thanks go to Marty Ritchings for her many hours printing the 2009 Handbook;

  • Special thanks to April Bender of Partnerships for Quality for donating the use of her printer at her cost;

  • Cover photo by Bo Ritchings of Huiatt’s Camp Hiawatha, Hiawatha Island, October, 2006;

  • Photos, unless otherwise noted, taken by Bo Ritchings, all rights reserved;

  • Original drawings by Rosemary Kress (from original 1995 Handbook);

  • Fish Spotters’ Guide photos from:

NYSDEC web site:

US Fish & Wildlife Service National Image Library website:

  • Fish stocking and survey data provided by the NYSDEC, Region 6, March, 2004, July, 2009.


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