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Let’s Help to Keep the Peace in our Lake Community

A community is a group of  people living in the same locality under the same government; it also refers to a social group of people with similar interests.  This describes our lake community perfectly.  We around the lake are all members of a wonderful lake community.  We have great neighbors, beautiful homes and camps, and young or old, we all get to enjoy the lake in many ways.  We also share the responsibility to protect the lake and try to get along with one another.

In recent years, there have been conflicting opinions as to how the lake should be used.  Some feel that the “letter of the law” should be applied to all who use the lake; others feel that “traditional use” such as water skiing around the island or in and out of the post office bay was “ok” then and is “ok” now.  Controversy has ranged from meaningful discussion to loud profanities and obscene gestures on the water.  Hard feelings have resulted in a decreased enjoyment of our lake environment by many, whether involved in the controversy or not. 

There is clearly room for compromise between traditional enjoyment of the lake and the strict letter of the law.  Boaters (including jet skiers) need to recognize their responsibilities to property owners, to others on the lake and to the lake itself.  Those who object to motorboats need to realize that traditionally, there are favorite spots for skiing and boating.  Annoyances and infractions should first be dealt with personally, in a reasonable, friendly manner, contacting those involved.  “Zero tolerance” of infractions of “the law” or calling the sheriff onto the lake are not reasonable, productive responses to observed infractions.  Such extreme action should be used only as a last resort to resolve a problem.  A deputy recently said that “if you call us onto the lake for small infractions, we will patrol and enforce all infractions, to the letter of the law—and most people wouldn’t want that.”  He suggested that people work out their differences.

Likewise, voluntary compliance “most of the time” by boaters would help to minimize safety hazards, erosion and the hard feelings of others.  Boaters, for example, could try not to ski around the island as often as they normally might.  A “slow cruise” into or out of the post office bay is not a bad thing if it helps to ease some tensions and, in fact, it can be very enjoyable. 

We ask that all users of the lake be tolerant of others’ rights to their quiet enjoyment of their property and that they do so in a responsible, safe manner.  Obscenity, threats and rude behavior won’t solve any problems and have no place or purpose on this lake.  Empathy and compromise will go a long way toward keeping the peace on the lake. 

The “best government is self-government” and that is the government that we should all choose to live under in our lake community.  There will always be controversy; it’s how we deal with it as a community and as individuals that defines who we are.  Compromise and understanding are essential to a healthy society.  Please try to live within our community; not outside it. 


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