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Please Note:  The directories of lake owners are located in the Members' Area which is password protected for the privacy of members.  You must have the current username/password to view the directories.

To help to get to know each other on the lake, we have put together a map and directory of lakefront owners.  The material was drawn from the Township property records and the map was traced from aerial view maps in the assessor’s office.  There are two listings:  one by property “number” (which we arbitrarily assigned) and one alphabetically, by last name.  The naming of land marks comes from old maps, old post cards, and “folklore” from some “old timers.”  We have tried to make generous use of place names in order to increase familiarity with our lake. 

Property changes hands regularly on Star Lake and while this information is current to March 12k, 2021, it may not be accurate by the time you read this.  If you are a new Star Lake property owner and are not listed, we apologize in advance and suggest you contact one of the Association officers with the updated information.  We have updated the list and it is available as a supplement to the Handbook, which was laid out so that the old map page can be torn out and replaced easily with the updated page.  Again, your comments are welcome.  We hope you will find this information useful as you learn “who’s who and where?” around the lake.

Directory by Last Name

Directory by Map Number

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