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On the following pages, we have included an expanded identification guide for fish commonly found in Star Lake.  It is not meant to be all-inclusive.  Pictures are not to scale.  Visual characteristics have been included that will help to differentiate between similar fish.  Below is a quick reference to fish anatomy to help identify descriptive characteristics and terms that are used in the fish spotter’s guide.

Rock Bass

  • 6-10” long

  • Flat, deep body shape

  • Brownish w/ several dark bars or blotches on sides

  • 5 spines on anal fin

  • Bright red eyes



  • 4-8” long; flat, deep body

  • Golden brown w/ red-orange belly and blue/green lines

  • Edge of gill flap has pale border around bright red spot

  • 3 spines on anal fin

  • No dark coloring at back of dorsal fin


  • 4-10” long, flat, deep body

  • Green/brown sides w/orange or pink vertical bars

  • Metallic blue/green shades on sides of head

  • Large, square-shaped gill flap

  • Dark blotch at back of dorsal fin

  • 3 spines on anal fin

Yellow Perch

  • 6-12” long

  • Yellow-orange to yellow-green

  • 5-9 vertical black bars on side

Brown Bullhead

  • 4-14” long

  • Broad, flat head w/dark barbells (whiskers) around face

  • 3 sharp spines: 2 on pectoral fins; 1 on dorsal fin—be careful handling them!

Largemouth Bass

  • 10 scale rows eye to gill

  • 7 scale rows stripe to top

  • Deep notch, 12-13 rays on rounded dorsal fin

  • Dark stripe on side

  • Upper jaw behind eye

Smallmouth Bass

  • 17 scale rows eye to gill

  • 11 scale rows stripe to top

  • Shallow notch, 13-15 rays on rounded dorsal fin

  • Dark vertical stripes/bars

  • Upper jaw in front of eye

White Sucker

  • 6-20” long

  • Large, fleshy lips with underslung mouth

  • Has appearance and features of  large minnows

Great Northern Pike

  • Can be 25-36”; over 40 lbs.

  • Dark green/brown with light bean-shaped spots

  • No scales on lower half of gill covers

  • 8-12 pores under lower jaw

  • Gold markings both sides of head

Lake Trout

  • 15-34”, up to 30 lbs.

  • Light spots on darker olive, green, or almost black back

  • Deeply forked tail with white spots on tail, sides, dorsal fins

  • Red-orange fins/tail

  • Bronze/white belly

  • Teeth on both jaws

Brown Trout

  • 8-20”, up to 30 lbs.

  • Yellow/red-orange spots with halos on brown/olive body/fins

  • Spots are modified x’s when fish are large

  • No markings on square tail

  • 10-12 rays on anal fin

  • Large spots on side

  • White mouth

Rainbow Trout

  • 8-20”, up to 25 lbs.

  • Silvery/olive back w/dark spots on head, back, dorsal/adipose fin, tail

  • Pink line on sides w/large spots

  • Forked, spotted tail

  • 9-12 rays on anal fin

  • White mouth

Atlantic Salmon

  • 12-30” long

  • Dark back, dorsal/adipose fins, tail

  • Silvery with few dark spots on sides/often x-shaped

  • Slightly forked, pointed tail w/no spots

  • Fewer than 13 rays on anal fin

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