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Star Lake Map with Suggested "Local Customs of the Lake"

Star Lake provides a diversity of recreational opportunities which can sometimes cause conflict among users of the lake.  At recent meetings of the SLPA, members have discussed recently-observed rude, unsafe behavior of operators of jet skis and (too) large boats on the lake.  Some jet ski and boat operators were not obeying the law or observing historical lake conventions.  Jet skis were seen taking runs at loons and other water fowl on the lake, which is totally unacceptable.  Also, 5-mph zones were being ignored by many, causing excessive shoreline erosion and jeopardizing the safety of swimmers and others on the shore. 

While many options were discussed by members, the general consensus was that infractions were mostly caused by renters and visitors to the lake who may not be aware of the laws of New York and rules of the lake.  Communication and education are key approaches.  Identifying and speaking with the offending operator, landlord, and/or landowner is potentially the best approach to this problem.  We decided that we would ask for cooperation in our next spring mailing, which goes out to all lake property owners, regardless of membership status.  A pamphlet describing NY boater safety laws will be made available for anyone interested. 

If you come to our lake, please observe these basic rules.  Below is a map of Star Lake with 5-mph zones, rock/sand bars and heavy swimming areas identified.  Also marked are areas where, for safety reasons, the direction of traffic is important.  The general rule of the lake is counter-clockwise traffic with slower crafts keeping right, closer to shore and faster crafts keeping to deeper water, away from shorelines.  Please observe these basic rules and respect the rights of all to the enjoyment of the lake.  Cooperation is far more desirable than police enforcement!         

It's the Law in New York...

  • Maximum speed is 5-mph when closer than 100 feet from shore.  By way of reference, 5-mph is approximately walking speed and 100 feet is about twice the length of a tractor-trailer truck or a third of a football field.
  • Jet ski operators of all age must have a NYS operator license and a Boaters' Safety Course Certificate.
  • All boats with motors of any size must be registered.
  • For a copy of NYS Boaters Guide, click here.  It's in pdf format, so you can save a copy or print it.

Behavior that's Frowned Upon...

  • Chasing ducks and loons with motor boats and jet skis.
  • "Bow up" big boat operation that causes huge wakes that erode shorelines, particularly within 100 feet of shore.  Keep the bow down and watch your wake when boating slowly.
  • Water skiing, knee boarding, tubing or fast "joy-riding" around the islands, through narrow bay openings and through the "cut".  Such actions are irresponsible and unsafe, jeopardizing others' enjoyment of the lake and causing unnecessary erosion of shoreline property.
  • Incessant noise ranging from barking dogs to loud partying to inappropriate, rude language.  Remember, sound carries really well on the lake, particularly down-wind.  
  • Not cleaning boats, trailers, and gear before launching to remove non-native plant and animal species like milfoil, non-native baits, zebra mussels, and the like.  Please help us to protect our lake.

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